Tips on How to Write a Juicy CV

CV writing is one of the most essential aspects of your job search. With a good CV you have a higher chance of being considered for a Job role than a badly written one. Even with your qualifications. A CV is like a list of qualities, qualifications, capabilities, and personal data for your employers to review and make a better and informed decision about hiring you.  At wishdesque we help job seekers get jobs through us even without a CV but below we outline the tips to write your CV so you can apply for jobs anywhere and anytime.


Keep things short and simple. i.e. go straight to the point.

Put all your capabilities in your CV and in full view to your employers. Be honest but clearly state your skills. Don’t assume it can be deduced or inferred by your employers. He or She can’t see through you.

Advertise yourself most importantly as an individual (i.e. by highlighting your traits) than as a mere worker with skills.

Show what an employer stands to gain if they hire you.

Ensure your document is formatted with legible fonts; that it is readable and easy on the eye. Best to allow a skilled person to help you format your CV.

Finally, review your CV by calling an expert or an experienced person to help assess it and contribute. It’s always good to get a different perspective and a second eye on whatever you’ve written.

And there you have it!  

If you need help with writing a CV, you can contact us by sending a message using the clients link in the menu above or if you seek a job then click on talents and enter in your details. Have any questions then comment below

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